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Ducks United Ibiza:
Car rental

Ducks United Ibiza is not just a car rental company


Ducks United Ibiza is a 2CV’s (Duck) rental club on Ibiza and they have established a new, very different car rental business on Ibiza.
Ducks United Ibiza
rent nostalgic cool convertible 2CV’s (Ducks) whole year round, getting people as relaxed as possible and continue building the coolest car rental and holiday experience company in the world, with a personal touch, enabling an authentic holiday experience, with clientele that feel and are members of club Ducks United, advocating the “Duck life-style”: enjoying the good life, with a feel for style, but also a desire to contribute to a better, more sustainable world.

Ibiza is famous for its camino (off road) roads which are not allowed to drive on with a regular rental car. The Ducks (2CV’s) are build for driving on these roads so you can reach all the beautiful beaches and hidden secrets on the island.

Ducks United aim is to provide a nostalgic holiday feeling and to make clean water.
By renting a
Duck (2CV) you automatically donate to Stichting Max, (Max foundation) which create clean water wells in Bangladesh for those who really need it.

Come, and join
Ducks United Ibiza for the holiday cruisin’ experience of a lifetime!

Ducks need to eat, shit, drink water and have fun!


Anyone older then 21 and in possession of a drivers license more then a year can join Ducks United Ibiza and rent a DUCK (2CV) or TRUCK.
The rental payment should be paid upfront on our account (see terms for account number). If you make a reservation less then a week prior to the rental period the payment should be paid cash at the pick up.
The buy off of insurance excess / own risk is also an option.

Due to their simplicity 2CV’s are technically very reliable and easy to drive.
Ducks are very suitable for driving on the camino’s (dirt roads) of Ibiza, and are therefore able to access places that other rental cars cannot, or are not allowed to access. It is important to realize that these cars do not have the latest safety and control systems that you may be used to.

Ducks have a very user friendly convertible roof, have IPod connection and a very decent sound system. The fuel consumption of a Duck is very low, making the overall costs of these convertibles equal to an average rental car.

Ducks United Cars available for rent (minumum 3 days):

- Duck (2CV - 4 p convertible)

- Truck (4x4 landrover 7 seats)


You can drive a cool Duck for:

DUCK use in number of days:

July + August April, May, June, September, October November - March
1- 3 days € 231 € 171 € 153
4 € 296 € 216 € 184
5 € 355 € 255 € 220
6 € 420 € 294 € 246
7 € 483 € 329 € 266

more days:

€ 49 per day € 37 per day € 26 per day


Airport Pick Up/ drop of between 8am - 9pm € 30 per trip
Airport Pick Up/ drop of outside office hours / locations € 50 - 80 €
Extra driver € 20
Own risk-excess buy off 1-4 days € 50
5 or more days € 65
Duck Table Service FREE

  Ducks United Ibiza - Extras
DUCKS UNITED IBIZA - Cool Charity Car rental Ibiza - Ducks United Ibiza also offer exclusive Duck dinners, boat trips, wine tastings, guided tours, accommodation, picnic baskets, special privileges and weddings at their Duck locations and much more.

DUCK EVENTS offer different possibilities for wedding’s and other special occasions.
They also offer an authentic and exclusive boat trip to some of Ibiza’s most idyllic beaches, tours and the Duck Safari.
If you like accommodation in a real authentic Ibiza style, we offer club members an exclusive stay at the Duck Mansion, Can Pato:

Ducks United Ibiza offers special services such as:

* New Duck Members receive a numbered
membership card that offers some nice surprises
* For example you can use our pre-reserved
Duck Tables at some of the most beautiful restaurants of Ibiza.
  * Additionally, we regularly organize exclusive
dinners & wine tastings for members & guests

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